Guidelines for Recognition and Equation

Procedure for Recognition and Equation of Qualifications

Submit the following to the Commission for University Education:

  • Register Online
  • Upload Certified true copies of ALL required certificate and academic transcripts
  • Submit certified copies of academic transcripts to support the certificates.
  • Certificates must be certified by:
    • An Advocate and Commissioner of Oaths;
    • The respective issuing university/institution.
  • Where certificates and transcripts are in aforeign language, translated copies bearing the official stamp of the local Embassy of the home country of the university issuing the certificates and transcripts.
  • Kenyan Citizens to submit a copy of national ID card and foreigners to submit a copy of valid passport, work permit/Visa and Letter of admission/intent into Kenyan Universities.


1. Submission of applications and collection of letters is done during CUE office hours:

    Morning: 8.00 am – 1.00 pm      Afternoon: 2.00 p.m. - 5.00 p.m.

2. Letters of recognition to be collected within 48 hours.

3. Application for express service must reach CUE before 13:00 Hrs/ 1.00p.m.