Payments options


CUE is mandated by The Universities Act No. 42 of 2012 and The Universities Act No. 42 of 2012, Revised Edition 2016 [2015], to levy charges for services rendered for Recognition and Equation of Degrees, Postgraduate Diplomas, Postgraduate Certificates or such other academic awards conferred or awarded by Foreign Universities and Institutions. With effect from 21st November 2014, as published in the Kenya Gazette, Notice No. 8477 and No. 6853 of 26th August 2016, the charges are as follows:

  1. First application by holder of the Academic Award: KES 6,000/=
  2. More than one Award from the same University or Institution: KES 6,000/=
  3. Awards from different Institutions KES 6,000/= each
  4. Subsequent application on the same Academic Award by the holder: KES 3,600/=
  5. Express (same day) service by Holder of the Academic Award: KES 10,000/= each
  6. By prospective employer or any other body:
    1. Within the Republic of Kenya: KES 12,000/= per Award
    2. Outside the jurisdiction of the Republic of Kenya: USD 300 per Award

Modes of Payment

Payments for Recognition and Equation of Qualifications and Institutions shall be made through the Bank or M-PESA using the following account details:

  1. Commission for University Education
    Kenya Commercial Bank Ltd.
    Moi Avenue Branch
    P. O Box 30081, Nairobi, Kenya
    Account Number: 1108031625

  2. mpesa paybill
    When using M-PESA, applicants provide their full names and identity card numbers as the account number.